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Senthil Papain and Food Products (P) Ltd

Senthil Papain and Food Products (P) Ltd, was established in the year 1995 to serve the needs and demands of high quality Papain, globally. Since then the company has made a milestone and emerged as one of the major supplier of papain for the world market.

The manufacturing unit is located in Tamilnadu Kerala National highway No 47, amidst of lush green surrounding, nourished with abundant ground water with other facilities. The temperate climate in this region is most suitable for the cultivation of this particular variety of papaya which yields the best quality latex for papain processing.

The papaya cultivation is located within the 60 Km of the manufacturing unit. The company holds a brilliant track record in encouragement of the farmers for papaya cultivation. This helps both the farmers and the company reaps the benefits of a global papain market.

The company's accomplishment in this domain has been the handiwork of our team professionals who have achieved the targets without compromising on the product quality.

The Senthil group of companies also stamped their features in the field of Education, People welfare trust, Food products, Paper Industries, Constructions and Entertainment.

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Our Products

Our company produces highly active Papain products which we express in terms of Tyrosine Units per milligram of the product (TU/mg). The various forms of Papain that are being produced at our facility are

Ultra Refined Papain Powder (URPP) :

It is a high quality Papain product in fine powdered form. The powdered form of Papain has the advantage that due to its less moisture content it has less susceptibility to microbial contamination and generally has a higher shelf life.

The usual potency of this product ranges from 900 - 1200 TU/mg. However we can supply the lactose dilutions of product in the range 100 TU/mg - 800 TU/mg as per customer requirements.

This product is supplied in 25 Kg or 50 Kg HDMPE airtight drums.

Stabilized Liquid Papain (SLP):

Activity: > 200 TU/mg, Micro clear product. *Based on the demand SLP will be supplied.

URPP and SLP are supplied in 25 Kg or 50 Kg modes in airtight HMHDPE (High Molecular, High Density Poly Ethylene) drums.

The mode of packing for SLP will be in 240 L HMHDPE airtight drums.

Meat Tenderizer & Senbake

Meat Tenderizer, Meat products are considered as one of the most demanding food items and tenderness of meat plays a dominant role in enhancing the meat palatability.

Senbake, Baking is a common name for the production of baked goods, such as bread, cake, biscuits, crackers, cookies, tortillas etc. Enzymes are rapidly becoming very important to the baking industry. They are used in baking to make consistently high-quality products by enabling better dough handling, providing anti-staling properties and allowing control over crumb texture, colour, taste, moisture and volume


ISO 22000 2018
ISO 9001 2015
Halal India

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Senthil Papain and Food Products (P) Limited

SF.No: 395/1/B-2,Veerapanur, Pichanur (PO).,
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